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Premium Plus Package: Unlock the full potential of the five tibetans with the heart opener & a Guide including 7 key points for the right application!

Ultimatives Plus Paket

Are you ready to take your practice of the Five Tibetans to a whole new level? My exclusive Premium Plus Package offers everything you need to fully tap into the potential of these powerful exercises. With one explanatory video and a comprehensive guide, you are well-equipped to enhance your physical and mental health. Video: Exclusive Tutorial on the Advanced Version of the Third Tibetan This advanced version is specifically designed to nourish and harmonize your heart chakra, thereby strengthening your energetic balance and emotional stability. Exclusive Guide: Origin, Effects, and Memory Aid My downloadable guide completes the package. It not only provides insights into the origin and effects of the Five Tibetans but also includes the exercises and the 7 key points on individual one-pagers – perfect as a memory aid for your daily practice. Why choose the Premium Plus Package? - Exclusive Content: Gain access to valuable information that will enrich your practice. - Practical Tools: Use my one-pager as a daily memory aid. - Enhanced Practice: Learn to perform the Five Tibetans correctly and effectively. - Body&Soul Development: Promote not just your physical, but also your mental health. Don’t miss the chance to intensify your Five Tibetans practice. Secure this exclusive content and begin your journey to more vitality, a rejuvenated appearance, and well-being! I wish you much joy! Warm regards, Malika




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